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I am planning an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 / i7-930 / Win7 system for photo/video processing and general business support. I currently plan on an SSD system drive. I would like to have 4 to 6 TB working storage in a RAID5 (the place where images are stored and worked on) and a 4 to 6 TB temporary storage on RAID0 where application software can store cached data (such as Lightroom, Photomechanic, Photoshop, Premiere Pro) as well as quick backups (simply to provide a second fast backup of working data.) I have this partitioning of data logically in my current system augmented by external storage backups of critical data (images and business records.)

I don't remember why but somehow I have as my SATA/SAS RAID controller card which I expect to use for eight drives, four in a RAID5 and three in a RAID0 with a spare drive. I am looking for feedback/guidance on this disk/controller configuration.
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  1. orlando computer repair
    I would go with a raid 10 configuration or a raid 1 configuration.
    Raid 0 is foolish when you are going to use this to store your important data.
  2. While I am not familiar with RAID controllers I am very familiar with RAID usage ... the RAID0 will only contain data that exists elsewhere such as the RAID5 array, or "offsite" or is temporary. Nothing that would cause a big problem if lost would ever be stored on a RAID0 array. I, however, appreciate the feedback as I realize that too many folks want the benefits of RAID0 speed but don't really grasp the risk ... but then again, I know way too many folks who only start doing backups after they have already lost their data, sigh.

    BTW, after a review of Newegg customer reviews I have switched from the LSI controller to an Adaptec 5805.
  3. I bought an Adaptec 5805.
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