Help overclocking my core 2 duo using nvidia control panel

i have a core 2 duo 3ghz stock. i wanted to overclock it using the nvidia control panel however i dont know what i am doing and i didnt want to pretend i did because its not worth my whole computer dying. i have watched a couple videos that were kinda general. i was looking for specific step-by-step instructions but any help is greatly appreciated. im not looking for anything drastic but i was hoping that a small overclock in my gpu and cpu would give me a couple extra fps in my games and maby increasing the fan speed would keep the components cool as well. thank you
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  1. If you do not know what you're doing do some READING. There are like a million topics on this forum alone on how to overclock.

    I would suggest overclocking via bios settings on not in the nvidia control panel also. I used the control panel once and it was always unstable and randomly change settings without me knowing. Seriously.. overclock via bios.
  2. ^ +1 ^

    lots of info here to read and learn after that still have questions come back and try again ;)

    if you look good enough you most likely are able to find a guide for the processor u are using

    ^ here is a beginner guide on how to

    good luck!
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