CPU fried?

By mistake, I installed an E7400 90 degrees off from the correct orientation in the CPU socket. The system was turned on [and, of course, no POST]. Would you expect the CPU to be fried? It also turns out that my current motherboard does not support the E7400 - but I have a new one on the way.
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  1. It shouldn't be because the CPU won't install without it being in the correct orientation. If you attempt to install it wrong it'll just sit ouside the socket and not fully go in... hence why the no POST. Install it correctly and clear the CMOS and go into the BIOS and make sure everything is working fine before nyour fist official boot. The odds of the CPU being friend are slim to none.
  2. :D sorry but thats funny. Theres always the potential for damage in such cases due to different voltages going through different "pins" But i wouldnt think that one boot would be an issue unless the psu is really screwed up.
    reminds me of the time I bent an am2 pin and broke it off. I have build alot of pc's, and these things do happen.
    If it does damage Just RMA it and dont elaborate on the cause. Just say blank boot screen or something.
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