How much memory would you consider for a SSD as the master drive? Or how low wil

For the budget of $150-200, which SSD would you get and whats the least acceptable memory you would consider? I know an OS can fit in a 4gb SSd but im talking about a larger one that can handle at least a few programs.
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    I guess it depends on the OS. If you are talking about W7, I believe it needs roughly 16-20GB (page files, etc...). Bare minimum, I'd shoot for 30GB.
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  3. you need a minimum of 16gb to install W7 on a drive.

    (personal work experience)

    i install to a 16 ssd and windows warned me it was too small (installed anywhy) on boot the pagefile was disabled

    i tried to install to a 8gb ssd and W7 flat out told me no.

    installed to a 32gb ssd and W7 filled the pagefile to match my memory (8gb) and could install a few small apps. and office.
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