ok well i just had repaired my windows xp a few hours before this all happened and everything seemed to work fine untill i tried re-downloading itunes. windows told me it could not install this with out xp pack 2 or something like that so i whent ahead and downloaded that, but it didnt seem to work, so i left it at that, a while later my IBM re booted and whent through the first loading screen fine untill the next screen was a black screen with nothing else on it except a small picture of a padlock in the top right corner. it allowed me to type in a password but my user account password did not work and my admin password is just blank and that didnt work either, after three attempt of a password it locks you out and u cant press any keys so you have to restart, ive tried loading the xp start up disk and running it in safe mode but none of that works it just keeps popping up on that screen. please help.
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  1. Ummmm.... This "xp pack 2 or something like that" you downloaded and installed...

    Where did you get it?

  2. i tried to install it but it failed. the site i got it from i think was a windows site it all looked safe though. i dont think the problem i have is to do with a virus though. thanks for the reply :ange:
    ps. sorry for late reply
  3. I stay with my question. Where did you get it?

    Of course it "looked" safe, they all do.

    You downloaded and installed something that took over and locked you out of your own computer. I might agree it is no virus, worse- it's a total lockout program that accomplished the desired end result of the most formidable of viruses. You have no computer now.

  4. hmm good point. i cant remember exactly what website it was but that day a file on my computer was failing... i thi nk it was called something like windows 32, it was a folder and that is where the first virus was untill i got rid of it. i do have accsess to another computer.
  5. Another computer... I'm glad you have another one to use right there.

    If these are not laptops, you may be able to remove the drive from the affected computer and plug it into the good computer to run an anti-virus program on it.

    If these are laptops, or if you can't plug the affected drive into another computer then I suggest you buy a USB to IDE/SATA adapter so any drive can be connected to any computer.
    They cost $19.99 at Tiger Direct. To see it, click

    There are others but I have one of these and it's been great. Some don't have a power supply, except 5 volts from another USB port, so be careful if you don't get one of these. has the same one but they want $21.99

    As for anti-virus, I universally send people to Kaspersky Labs because they get the job done.... right.
    You can download their anti-virus 2012 edition and use it free for 30 days by clicking

    You may already have an anti-virus program in the machine you are using now and that's fine.

    About the "XP pack 2" or whatever it was you needed... get Service Pack 3, it is the latest, and last one for XP and will satisfy the requirements of programs that demand SP2 or newer.

    Get full Service Pack 3
  6. thankyou and sorry for the late replys i dont have 24/7 access to this computer, and yes they are both laptops. thank you so much for the links its been a great help
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