Phenom II x3 720BE vs 940BE

I'm about ready to purchase my new build but my final desicion is which Phenom to go for, it's between the x3 720 and the x4 940.
The 720 is £50 cheaper which is a big plus but what I want to know is how much difference does the extra core make?
Are there any benchmarks comparing the two processors. I've tried looking but nearly every site is just comparing the x4 940 against i7.
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  1. If you're doing mostly gaming, save yourself some money, there isn't really that much of a difference between triples and quad version of the Phenom II

    However, if your business is like video editing, images, or anything else that eats CPUs for breakfast, Quad is the way to go. Though, the triple core ain't far off and can do that job quite well.

    Oh, and the 720 can do both DDR2 and DDR3 memory, the 940 can only do DDR2. For the sake of upgradibilty, go with the 720.
    (i know i made up this word.)
  2. depends if you unlock the core or not.

    If you do then get the 720, if you don't want to then wait for the 925 or 955.
  3. If you do video editing and other quad-optimized tasks, wait a month for the Phenom II 955.

    Otherwise, save your cash and go with the 720. 940 is good, but no upgrade paths. If you're fine with that, go for it.
  4. Any ideas on how much the PII 955 or 925 will cost?

    I think I need some further clarification on this one... Why is everyone casting aside the 940??

    Sure you can buy the AM3 x3 720 and have "potential for upgradibility" but what is there to upgrade? DDR2 to DDR3?? Last I heard, it was more of a pain in the ass to be required to buy the more expensive DDR3 for the i7. And the performance difference isn't that significant either?

    No matter which CPU you buy (940 or 720), your board will be the same, and if you are so worried about future proofing go with the i7, PII technology is a whole generation behind Intel's and can barely compete with the 2 year old core 2 duos. But one the brighter side, technology probably will not catch up to the i7 until there's a cheaper more efficient one to replace it anyway...

    OP - As originally requested... Here's your benchies:

    Ph II 940BE benchies from Tom's ---->,2114-22.html

    Ph II 720BE benchies from Anand's ---->
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