I7 930 too hot no overclock?

New build, and I'm extremely proud I got it up and working.

The thing is, my i7 930 is idling at 43 c, with no overclocking on stock cooling.

Its in a haf 922 with 2 extra fans, stock heatsink.

I used thermal paste on the processor, then the default stuff on the heatsink. It was around 40 c idle then.

I removed everything then put on some antec formula 5 thermal paste, about a pea size, on the processor and a tiny tiny tiny bit on the heatsink and spread it out. Now I'm idling at around 43 c.

I even have my case near my AC, and a fan blowing some more air towards the case. Any suggestions on what to do? If I need money, my budget is only ~40$

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  1. The i7's are HOT running processors, but, idle temps don't really mean much. Your best bet would be to get an aftermarket cooler, even if you don't OC it but that's up to you.

    You may want to run you computer for a few days with something like Coretemp minimized (so it will keep track of your max temps) and give you a better idea of what you max temps are under normal usage.


    You can run a stress test (Prime95,OCCT,Linx) for 10-15 minutes and find out what you max temps are right away, that way there are no surprises.
  2. Well, the stock cooling isn't meant to really do any overclocking/overvolting with. Since you're on a budget, I'd see if you could grab a Core Contact Freezer 120 or a Hyper 212+
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