82C when CPU at 10% load

I bought an overclocked PC:

Intel i7 920 @ 4GHz (Professionaly overclocked by overclockers.co.uk)
Asus Rampage II Extreme
6GB Corsair XMS3 1600mhz RAM
30GB OCZ Agility Solid State + Samsung SpinPoint F1 320GB SATA-II 16MB Cache
ATI Radeon HD 5850
SB X-Fi Xtreme Music (not shown in picture as I was trying another sound card at the time)
Windows 7 Home Premium
Corsair HX620 watt Power Supply
Lancool Dragon K62 Case

4x 120mm Enermax, Two on the top as exhausts and 2 on the Megahalem in a push pull configuration so heat is taken out the back of the case

Xigmatek XLFF1453 140mm Fan on the front as an intake, and a 140mm on the back as exhaust.

Also has a ZALMAN ZM-MFC1+ BLK FAN CONTROLLER to control the speed of the fans.

Idle temp is 65C.

The core voltage is 1.310. I have never overclocked before so not sure if this is enoguh. My room gets very hot and this might explain the high temperature.

Is this temperature very dangerous? From what I've read the case is not suited to water cooling and needs modding in order to accommodate it. Can anyone please give any suggestions?
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  1. I doubt it will burn up, as your CPU has safegaurds to prevent heating itself to death, but that is really hot. If your computer is dusty, that may be part of the issue. I would seriously look into better cooling for that i7 if you are using the stock cooler...
  2. idle temps are really way to to high, i've got a 920 at 3.8 and it idles around 40C, so 200mhz it shouldn't make that much of a different. especially with 2 fans on it.

    I'd think that it wasn't set correctly, you may need to reapply thermal paste, or ask someone who more familiar with the process, or call customer support
  3. Thank you very much for that.

    I think it's the case of getting through the summer as I should be moving to Canada where AC is pretty standard.

    What cooler would you recommend as I wouldn't have a clue installing water cooling?
  4. Thanks JonnyboyC. I will get a cleaner and Arctic MX-2 thermal paste and get someone to reapply it. 25C diff seems way too big.
  5. i'm sure that will help factory paste is usually pretty generic, but if your in an un-aircondition room that could explain alot of it
  6. From what I've read the room makes a big difference and my one is like an oven (room temp can be 85F-90F at times).
  7. Although it's not that warm now and idle is still 65C.
  8. Realtemp is showing 78C Idle!!!

    Will get the paste re-applied and heatsink reset asap.
  9. All fans are set to default 600 rpm. Can someone please tell me what I should ideally set them to esp. the CPU fan.

    Thank you.
  10. you really could increase the speed till it becomes an annoyance, it's really user preference you could use speed fan to manually set the speed

    is the link to the download page
  11. JohnnyboyC, thank you very much for that.
  12. I'm at 3.8GHz on my 920, stock voltage, getting 63 degrees under full load with a Hyper 212+. If you're worried about fan noise, spring for an aftermarket cooler.
  13. Thanks punditguy.

    Just been getting quotes on removing the heatsink + paste, adding more and putting it back on as I'm not comfortable doing it and getting £30-£35. Seems a lot but normally do stuff myself and fisrt time looking elsewhere.
  14. It is VERY easy to remove and re-install a cooler, don't pay someone to do it.

    Just re-read and your using a Megahalems, very easy to take on and off, remove the fans and it's just two screws holding it on.

    YEAH, your temps are way out of wack.
  15. RJR, thank you. Didnt' realise it was that easy. From what I read when putting it back on, you have to apply a lot of force and I was worried about the motherboard getting cracked.
  16. the pcb can really take alot more then you would think at first,
    to the point you feel like your pushing fairly hard, if you can i would order mx-2 by arctic cooling, it's really good, and it's very viscous, so you don't to apply as much pressure as with other pastes
  17. That's great, I've already ordered the mx-2 by arctic cooling and will try and sort this out myself. Reading up, it's a decent heatsink and if others are getting idle temps 25C off there def seems to be a problem with the heatsink.
  18. well good luck post your results when you reapply everything
  19. Stuff came through and I done it myself. In the process I clumsily dropped thermal paste on the motherboard and instinctively wiped it off. I read after that I shouldn't have done that but instead should have dabbed it with alcohol which I still done for quite a while. It seems to be okay as it's been running for 30 mins now. Can it still short out or would it have done so already?

    The heatsink wasn't correctly seated and there didn't seem to be enough paste i.e not a layer going across the cpu and bottom of the heatsink.

    As for temps I'm getting 52C idle now and 82C with Prime95 at 100% CPU usage. Should I still be worrying with these temps?

    Btw, thank you again for all your help.
  20. those aren't bad at all really, maybe a bit higher then typical, but not in any danger of hurting your cpu, if you don't have speed step or C states on then this makes more sense, i wouldn't worry to much about the MX-2 as it's non conductive, so there no chance of it shorting anything out, (a very nice perk of MX-2)

    but good to see your temps came out of the temp range were you really had a chance of harming your components
  21. jonnyboyC, thank you. My room temp is def above average and the pc case is squashed in between furniture not allowing to much breathing space.

    Thank you all once again for all your help.
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