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I'm debating between the 295 and 285, I've read that the 285 is pretty quiet and the 295 can get up to 46dBA.. I'll be gaming on a 24" monitor at 1900x1200 so the power of the 295 would be useful. I've been reading about the development of aftermarket coolers for the 295 that would help with heat/noise... should I just go with the 295?
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  1. A x2 solution does present its own problems, and yes, the 295 is one of the loudest cards ever made. At 1900x1200, it would be nice to have that extra muscle, tho you may still be hampered with bandwidth/ram using lots of eyecandy. If you have a sli capable mobo, Id go for 1 285 now, and see if another would be useful down the road, as itll give you better performance in BW/Ram, if not, I dont see why not, tho its a lil pricy
  2. 46dBA is LOUD. At least in my opinion. Might be a better bet to SLI GTX 260's if you can, or HD 4870's, both of which I'm sure you can find good, quiet aftermarket coolers.
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