New fan screwed memory up, and gave BSOD

Hello friends, I have a problem....
Here is the order of events.

1. My CPU, AMD Phenom 9600 Black edition, Was running too hot, at like 62cels or whatever.
2. I bought a cooler, Freezer 64 Pro.
3. Installed, worked fine for a day.
4. Started getting BSOD randomly.
5. Raised voltage a little for my ram, to 2.2, which is what it is suppose to be at but you have to change it yourself sometimes.
6. Restarted and had one long beep and 2 short beeps. Which for my motherboard means memory not detected.
7. Took 2 sticks out and it would finally start up, then it would load windows vista then BSOD as its loading start up programs.
8. Now I am in safe-mode and posting here. very annoying :(

Here is my build:

New fan
normal creative sound card

Any ideas?
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  1. I don't get it. Why did you have to raise the RAM voltage to 2.2? Can't you bring it down to normal levels? In any case, I don't think your new fan isn't the cause of the problem, unless it's not working properly and your computer is overheating.
  2. It's kinda strange but the ram is advertised and it even says on the ram 2.2V. but for some reason most mobo's dont have it set at that, and also dont have it set to 1066 for some reason. thank your for the reply.
  3. ok so having 2 sticks in and setting the ram voltage to 2.15, I successively loaded, but I am expecting a BSOD soon.... if not, i guess ill try 4 in with 2.15V soon. but please help.
  4. goat199 said:
    It's kinda strange but the ram is advertised and it even says on the ram 2.2V. but for some reason most mobo's dont have it set at that, and also dont have it set to 1066 for some reason. thank your for the reply.

    Motherboard RAM voltage default is 1.8 volts. Defaults for other memory settings depend on what the memory SPD chip contains. And because DDR2-1066 is not a JEDEC standard, the SPD chip does not generally contain those settings.

    Infact, 1066 RAM is simply DDR2-800 RAM tested to work at the higher frequency, usually at more relaxed memory timings. You can see this in CPU-z.
  5. thank u :)
    still i cant put in 4 sticks, it beeps before it gets to bios, what gives?
  6. Ok ill do the memtest and let you know the results, but ive done it in the past and it has passed every time. is it more likely that something besides the fan is the problem?
  7. ok just finished, it passed. I wish it was my memory, thats cheap. I am paranoid I damaged my cpu or mobo in the process of installing my fan. but I doubt I did. So whats next, I probably have to get a new something.

    edit : lucky i got that post in. bsod right after lol.

    ok here is some more info. this mobo is probably refurbished because i had to send it in and get it replaced about 2 months ago. also, i just got comcast and installed the modem, i started getting bsod's, then replaced the modem with a different one and boom bsods' were gone. I hope this helps.
  8. it now wont stay on longer than 10 min. i am guessing i either need a new mobo or a new cpu. help please, thank you :)
  9. and now, starts and instantly freezes, the bsod gives a message something about a second core.
  10. would it be the cpu or the motherboard i need to replace? i know its one of em
  11. Sounds to me like you didnt install the new fan right or use the right amount of thermal paste, and your cpu is overheating.
  12. the fan came with paste on it, should i have put some more on?

    Edit: wait that cant be it, i have a temp gage up always and the cpu was lower than it was before, like at 35-40 degrees. . just remembered.
  13. Dont over paste your CPU! Less is more...
  14. ok . so i didnt install it wrong, that is very simple. but i think i damaged either the cpu or the mobo. the question is. which one?
  15. You could try using another motherboard to test the CPU... If you have any lying around...
  16. wow i tested every stick of ram, and one is bad even though it passed the test. I have the 3 that seem to be working in right now with default settings. I don't want to say its fixed so fast though, so I won't. Would it be a good idea to get all new memory?

    Also the bsod message was "A clock interrupt was not received on a second processor within the allocated time interval... "
  17. Update.....
    got a BSOD 15 min after last post. This message was different is said "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT"
  18. So I found the bad stick of ram and im still getting BSODs does that mean the mobo or cpu could have screwed up my ram?

    My local shop will charge me 80$ to test ans see what it is
  19. well maybe on accident, it is 1066 ram, so i changed it manually to 1066, and tried 2.15V and 2.2V different combos. it is older ram. I think i have to buy some new. any suggestions?
    I guess i will have to get the ram before i find this out, but could there be another problem that is also not helping?

    What do u think about this

    Update - It is getting worse. cant get to normal windows at all anymore. Ive been in safe-mode the whole time. it has even BSOD in safemode.
    So i will check in and out for replies, I hope i will be able to before its totally busted.
  20. i am running memtest right now on each stick singly< i will let you know the results. I can not get into safemode anymore. last time i restarted, it rebooted 3 times right after the bios loaded and beeped. any input will be fine :)

    Thank you
  21. No errors on ram :(
    I mean it passed all the test
  22. no one will answer my other post really, so i am just going to buy the ram and hope thats the problem.
  23. I will run cpuz but here is an update!
    I turned my TLB fix off did the guaged thing, and set my cpu core to 7.0x and it is running fine for 2 hrs now. So what do you get out of that? does this help?

    "Pros: NONE! If I could rate this processor any lower, I would.

    Cons: BSOD every time. I used it with Vista x64. After several re-installs of Vista, you will receive this message "A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval." Sometimes it would run for a total of 10 minutes, then fail again. Stay away from this product.

    Other Thoughts: Do NOT buy this processor. This is the last time I buy anything AMD. "
  24. I would think that the tlb fix may have something to do with it. but underclocking the cpu makes it work. I would assume that would be the CPU, but we all know what assuming does.

    Update: I now have 3 sticks in and it is working nice, but I dont understand why it works fine when the multiplier is at X7.0 and 9 will BSOD. But I don't want to feel like im walking on eggshells forever. That is annoying.

    would an bios update help? or drivers?
  25. Sounds good. thank you very much for your help :)
  26. Funny thing... Got my new ram works great at 8.0 multiplier, fan runs at 2200 and cpu is at 33C :) , system works fine (havent tried 8.5 or 9, or is 9 default). Anyway I have a pretty nice setup, very nice geforce card. My question is, why does warcraft run at 2 FPS sometimes. . . . WOW does not require much at all when it comes to recommended sys requirements. and my card is pretty high end, i have 4 GB great new ram, processor is at X8.0 but that should still be plenty, Etc... So what is the deal, my setup should be able to play Crysis at 25 30 FPS minimum. and WOW gets 2FPS sometimes :( Any clue what Im doing wrong? not sure if this should be a new topic, I thought it might have something to do with this.
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