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This week I will be building a computer for the first time, and I have a few questions regarding static electricity:

1. How do you manage your static when working in a computer? (I have heard of latex gloves, ESD wrist straps, and just touching the case, which works best?)

2. What kind of work-surface should you build the computer on? (Metal table, wood table, etc.)

3. When installing the cpu and ram in the motherboard, should I put the motherboard on a block of wood, the anti-static bag it comes in, or something else?

4. When installing parts in the computer, should I lay the case on its side, or keep it upright?

Thank you very much!!!
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  1. Don't put the mobo on the anti static bag, on the outside its full of static...don't put the mobo on a metal table.. wood yes and no if its smooth and polish it could have static charges. you may however sit it on or in it box( I do that) no harm to boared

    the case should be on its side when messing around with componets..

    yes touch the side of the case is a good way of discharging yourself or you could buy a anti static mat with a anti static wrist band if you are worried
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