Moving from Nvidia to Ati... do i need to format?

I have recently upgraded from 8600GTS (Nvidia) to 4870 (ATI), and i have been getting game crashes, blue screens, and many short game freezes (when the game stops for about 1-2 secs and continues... but every 10 seconds)

i have uninstalled the NVidia drivers before removing the Nvidia card.
then i replaced the cards, and installed ATI drivers (Catalyst 8.12)
after getting problems, i used driver cleaner pro in safemode, and it did delete some nvidia DLLs, but it didnt help much, it fixed some stuff though.

on the desktop, graphical stuff seem to load slower.
in games, there are a lot of small freezes, (in CoD4, the FPS counter shows the avarage FPS, and the minimum/maximum time between the frames in that second. on low quallity on the 8600gts i had 125fps and time between frames was around 5-11 to 7-9 (125 is 8ms). on the 4870 its 125, with 7-9 most of the time, but every 3-4 seconds it drops to 5-25, meanning it froze for 25ms).

some of the games i tried:
TrackManiaForever gave me a BSOD on highest quallity (twice), on low quallity it works fine though.
Crysis crashed after loading a level (with a "dont send" message).
Crysis Warhead's first level worked, then crashed with the same message after loading the 2nd level.
Fallout 3 was the only playable game, but it also had freezes.
3Dmark06 said my score is 12,780, and comparing to 15 other Systems with same hardware i was way under (Avarage was 14,500 i think).

also, the card wasnt as fast as i excpected it to be....

in short, my question is, do i need to format and reinstall windows or not?

My System:
E8400 3.00GHz (Usally with 3.6 OC, but removed it before installing the new card).
ASUS 4870 512MB.
Brand new ThermalTake 600W power supply (dont tell me its a power problem).
Windows XP Pro 32bit.
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  1. no just uninstall anything to do with the card, and just install the new cards drivers....You don't need a complete system overhaul...But some ppl don't feel comfortable until they have a clean setup just incase:p

    But you don't need to Reformat:)
  2. Agree, you don't need to reinstall Windows for a GPU change.
    How hot is the GPU getting? Got good case ventilation?
    It may be brand new, but that certainly does not rule out the PSU.
  3. the PSU is fine, im sure its not causeing any problems.
    the card doesnt pass 67C.
    everygame has it own problems...
    the BSOD points to win32.sys and sometimes to atk something (ati?).

    BF8a80A9 base at BF800000, date stamp 48ce513a... Google didnt find anything on this except a guy with a old asus card that has the same problem on only 1 game (my card is also asus).
  4. How much stuff do you have on your computer? It shouldn't be necessary, but I usually reformat for any major hardware changes. I'd also suggest trying Catalyst 8.11. I heard of some issues with 8.12, so even for my brand new build I put 8.11 on instead of 8.12 (and it is quite stable). 9.1 hopefully will be out soon as well.
  5. i have too many things to format now. i will try 8.11.

    P.S. i have just installed Assassin's creed (didnt play it for a while and thought it might work), and it worked great on highest settings with no crashes or freezes.
  6. Yeah, sometimes these computers just have attitude problems.
  7. Well, there you have it!!!!
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