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I am trying to buy an inexpensive enclosure for HDD and found many of them are comparable with XP/Vista but win7 was not on their list. Does that mean the enclosure USB is not working with win7?

I thought the enclosure is strictly hardware-ish, just cable/adaptor set, no software involved. That's why I was trying to buy inexpensive ones. Was I wrong?

Do they really make difference in their performances and so on? Shall I stick to the reputable brand with win7 on its list? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. no you are right,the drive has to be compatible!

    If this helps please vote best answer!

    enclosure is just the shell,just buy a reliable drive!
  2. Thank you but want to make sure my understanding. Are you saying that even if win7 is not on the enclosure's compatible list, I could use its USB to connect my SATA hdd to win7 laptop? I am still confused about their compatible OS list. Please advise me once more. Thanks.
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    Many things were manufactured BEFORE Windows 7 came out last fall. This is probably why it's not "on the list."

    Chances are that if it supports Vista, Window 7 will work too.

    You can check the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibilty website here.
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