System freezes at random while gaming, may be a DRAM timing problem?

I recently bought a new computer piece by piece and put it together from scratch. It's rather high-end (AMD X4 Processor, 8GB of Ram on Vista 64-Bit), and definitely shouldn't have problems running games like Warcraft 3 or Guild Wars, considering I can run Fallout 3 and Crysis on high settings, but it will freeze at random while gaming, Warcraft 3 especially. When I start my computer up it gives me no error messages, but after it freezes and I restart, it will tell me that DQS Training failed and it has to revert to slower RAM speed. I have 8GB of OCZ DDR2 memory and am not quite sure of the timing settings or how to change them in my BIOS without screwing something up. Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated! Thanks.
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  1. Raise your memory voltage slightly. This is a sign your memory is having trouble running at the default speed. Especially since you are running so much memory, system overhead is simply going to higher and the memory simply needs more voltage to work correctly. (most likely anyhow) By the way, 8 gig is complete overkill, 4 gig is plenty of memory.
  2. Thanks for the response! How should I go about adjusting the voltage, exactly? I and just overly cautious and like to have things outlined so I don't mess anything up. And I have the 8GB of memory because I do a lot of advanced graphics processing and 3D modeling as kind of a hobby/commission. Again, thanks for your help. I appreciate it greatly.
  3. Go into your bios and up the voltage on your memory.

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