New in OC Help Plz !

Hey :)

My motherboad don't allow me to overclock my CPU from the bios ,
Does this mean that i cant OverClock my CPU ?
Can i do something to fix this problem?

And can anyone give me name of a Program wish allow me to overclock my CPU if there is no way to fix my Motherboard problem or i cant even with an Overclocking Program !

My CPU :


Thx in advance ;)
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  1. Hi.

    I think that ur mobo don't support OC.
  2. You can try using ClockGen to overclock your CPU.
    I can't overclock from BIOS either but succesfully overclocked with ClockGen.
    Only tricking part is finding the correct pll for your motherboard when using ClockGen, hopefully Google will be your friend here otherwise you will have to try all the different pll's and check which one is stable and shows your correct cpu clock speed.
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