Need help OC kn9 sli x2 4200+

My buddy has a kn9 sli board with a 4200+ and has been reading about people overclocking from 2600 to 3000mhz with that processor, but when he overclocks it past 210mhz fsb he either gets windows errors or if he goes higher, when it reboots out of the bios, he doesn't get a video signal at all and has to jump the bios to reset it. I had him up the core voltage to 1.4 and that didn't help at all. I'm new to OCing and he's never done it. Is there something else we can do, or is there something we're doing wrong? Updated bios to most recent also. Pretty sure his system is as follows.....

abit kn9 sli
x2 4200+
3gb(1gb x 3) of single channel ddr2
nvidia 9600gso
600w psu
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