GTX295 or wait for DX11

Im buildin a new i7 rig which i wont be upgrading for a very long while and want to know if i should get the new gtx295 or get a much cheaper lower end card and then spend money on the new dx11 supporting gpus...
...i dont mind waitin for dx11 if due to come out in 5-6 months ...
...also, if u think i should buy a cheaper card now and wait to upgrade l8er please recommend one ...
should be pci-e 2.0 , 512 ddr3 and able to play games like crysis at least on medium settings...

thnx in advance
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  1. I would say, that the 295 GTX can be overkill. I would buy an average card (4870 260 GTX, 4850 etc). And then leave some room for improvement later. I mean there's no point in jumping to a 600$ card, when you can buy a 300$ card and upgrade that (bfg and evga) step up 3 months down the road if you realize it isn't enough for you.

    Personally I only buy video cards cuz I'm an enthusiast. Regularly I only play with 1 280 GTX actually on.

    Personally I would wait for the Dx 11, I change my cards only when I see something revolutionary or if I see more stability. :)
  2. im in the same position and i made the decision to wait for DX11, plus the step up program is not for every one, i personally only upgrade every 2 to 3 years
  3. you could get the 4850 now its the best card @ its price point and upgrade when DX11 comes out
  4. actually the 4830 is the best card in its price:).

    and the DX 11 cards are schduled for Q 3/4 thats almost next OCT-DEC lol...thats a long time...thats a year. I mean youd on't need anythign much higher than a 4830. Which would be a much better Price/Performance.

    for 1 year I think a 4870/260 GTX is a much better choice though...if you want to enjoy the games for this year maxed out (in theory)
  5. uhh fyi dx11 wont be out till windows 7 which is supposed to release in like 11 months not 5-6
  6. well it doesn't matter when DX 11 is coming out, what matters is when the cards are coming out:)

    And thats Q3/4 I mean what most ppl actually want to see is performance gains....honest I don't care if my cards right now are dx 10 or 9... i just bought em cuz they are damn strong:).

    I heard that Windows 7 was scheduled for aug 2009. I might be wrong.

    Anywhoo read what I said:)
  7. So if I understand correctly DX 11 release will be at the same time as windows 7. I remember reading somewhere DX11 will be released for vista as well so is it possible to have DX11 before windows 7 comes out?
  8. From what I read.. it will be released with windows 7
  9. I'm more of a price/performance person, and with how cheap 4850's are now I'd probably get that. It's a solid card and will run many new games well, and if the next Gen cards are awesome, you didn't waste much money.
  10. I would not wait for DX11. It will do you little good unless a game is coded for it. Even now with DX9 and DX10, not all games use DX10.

    With a i7 and suitable X58 mobo, I would go with a single high end card like the GTX285 or GTX295. You will be able to run everything out there well, and you retain the option to go SLI with current technology, or swap the card out later for the next best thing.
  11. 295 GTX isn't single :) its dual GPU its just single slot:P

    But if people like that:P I prefer single GPU when it comes to raw power...I just add more cards cuz I love seeing high frames:D
  12. From what I've read DX11 will be released with Windows 7 and at the same time be available for Vista.

    Windows 7 is expected to come out in Q4 2009, however it is still very possible that it will not be released until Q1 2010 if there are too many major bugs to squash.

    It's better to release a product late with fewer major bugs than it is to release a product on time with too many major bugs (which can affect sales).
  13. ^Amen,

    I would like to add that I like it alot more than Vista...seems faster and more stable for a Beta.
  14. i really dunno wut to do know .... if dx11 is only goin to comin out in ayr or so i dont want to wait before gettin my high ed card but if its out in lik6-7 months i dont mind ....

    judging by wut u guys have said .... i think ill just go for the gtx295 now and be happy (maybe if im lucky ill get a better card when dx11 is out and if theres a reasonable performance boost)
  15. That card is a waste of money. It has a horrible future proof feature set.

    What display are you running in the first place? Unless you are going for 1900x or above resolutions and plan on pushing your cpu to 3.5 or above there is literaly no point in buying that gpu.
  16. Hey,

    I would Agree with GEOFELT, Buy a high end Card as a year is a longtime to wait.
    At least from my gaming prespective especially if i was building a new rig.

    If you buy a 300$ low end card it'll be worth 90 in a years time and you would have wasted a good $ 200 and a year of low end gaming experience.

    Though if you buy a GTX295 or a 4870 x2 that would cost lets say around $500 in a year's time you could easily sell the high end card and lose about the same amount of cash ... but you gain a year worth of HD Gaming.

    P.s it is much easier to sell a high end card than a lower end one because they retain their value.

    Plus you do not have to sell it to a high end gamer , maybe a novice gamer would appreciate it more for its performance and value.
  17. @jerseygamer: i do plan to push my cpu beyond 3.5 and im goin to run at least1900x

    @ztransporter: a year is a long time to wait and i thinkim goin for the 295 for tht reason ... unless i hear tht dx11 is comin out (im buildin only next month)
  18. Sorry guys but from what i have read W7 may not have DX11.
    I posted a very similar topic a while ago and realistically unless the DX11 cards are an improvement in performance for DX10 or DX9 then there is no point at the min.,667657/News/Windows_7_Combined_release_with_Direct_X11_is_unlikely/

  19. hmm... accrdin to 'mac's link i dont think i should wait for dx11 cos even microsoft doesnt seem to be tht confident about it :)(unless i misunderstood something)...
    thnx mac
  20. remember its not just dx can also mean revolutionary graphics...the reason I like the 280 (285) over the 9800 GX2 is because even though sometimes its a few frames short...I kno that its only 1 GPU and will always be at those frams:)

    So what if the 300s come out and they are close double, double or more than the 295 GTX?
    I wouldn't put all my eggs in 1 basket...I think any1 that can find an old 260 GTX (which can be found for under 200$) is king till the 300s and will save money for it:)

    DX 11, might not be a good reason, but power draw, temperature and increase performance is.
  21. guys i think ive decide to go with a 285 instead since it should offer gr8 performance and i dont think im goin to wait around for dx11.
    i save a few bucks but am assured good performance with just 1 gpu...

    wut do u guys think??
  22. I think you have made a wise decision, the performance should be fine, but i have not seen many reviews of that card. Its the 55nm upgrade of the 280 i think and so should in theory at least be similar and hopefully slightly faster.


    Here is a great review..... I will actually move from 4870 x2 to GTX295 it is a superior card.

    It Saddens me to say that NVIDIA has Taken over again :( "I'm a huge Fan of ATI"
    GTX 295 is just more powerful & more stable.

    So just go for it.
  24. Wait for DirectX 11 GPU like I am doing now. If you don't wait then you will be disappoint later, after 3-5 months, when DirectX 11 are due. Well, waiting should not hurt you, I suppose? You can future-proof yourself with DX 11 for at least another 3 years or until DirectX 12 is release perhaps in 2013. I am still building my rig since March 2008 and I still have the old Radeon 9600SE but I think that I will finish when DirectX 11 GPU comes out. Actually the Beta version of Windows 7 and Beta DirectX 11 were already released so I don't think that we are far away from DX 11 GPUs.
  25. dx 11 cards are due almost at the end of next year, not 3-5 months.

    You can't future proof yourself. Look at the 8800 GTX, it has remained a used video card for atleast 2 years... who could've predicted that?

    I wouldn't wait a whole year with out atleast a 4870 or a 260 GTX...I wouldn't bu anything less.
  26. i suggest. buy any used high/end card (if u find one)
    4870X2 or 4850X2 GTX285(GTX295 if u lucky)
    or buy mid/End card 4870 1GB ,4850 ,GTX260(216),even 9800GTX+ or 4830 .
    because u will never need it after a year when DX11 come out and the New ATI and nVIDIA monsters come out too .
  27. umm u don't want to mess with used when your buying a 300$ video card...or over..I wouldn't play with my money atleast.

    Your best bet if your going to buy anything used ( I wouldn't) is going for a midrange...where it will cost only about 100-150$....but sorry not 300$...You won't find a 285 GTX new or used under 300$ thats for sure...and even if it was 250$ would u risk a card that dies after the stores warranty or sellers? And what if its already registered? Some companies don't transfer warranties.

    I wouldn't put my money on used...especially sicne I kow I can find a 4830 for around 100$, and a 4850 for around 150$.
  28. Strange... Instead I heard about the roadmap of ATI and NVIDIA saying that DirectX 11 will be in around Q3 2009 and DirectX 11 GPU will be release somewhere in mid 2009 like early or late Q2 2009. DirectX 11 beta is already released with Windows 7 beta. :ouch:

    TSMC already began mass production of 40nm GPU for NVIDIA and ATI since November of 2008. ATI also already has 40nm GPUs and might make a trial run on RV740 and RV790 in Q1 2009 to respond to Geforce GTX 285 and Geforce GTX 295. :ouch:

    Microsoft also sent the technical view of DirectX 11 to Video card developers like ATI and NVIDIA! :ouch:

    DirectX 11 video card with 40nm GPUs can be release at any momment without warning so this is why I am saying that waiting for DX 11 video card with 40nm GPU might be better than buying now. There is still a high possibility that DirectX 11 video card with 40nm GPU could be release within 3-5 months! :ouch:
  29. i think ive decided to wait .... (mainly since major part of my gaming will be in the next 4-5 months ) .am goin witha 4870 1gb version and will upgrade sometime next year to hopefully the best card out at the time ....
    thx for all the help guys...
  30. build a i7 system and spend 250 - 300 on a 4870 or gtx 260 which ever suites ur gaming better depends if ur playing havok games or physx

    i think ur going to buy sc2 and diablo like me.

    When 5870 x 2 comes or gtx 380 etc buy one of those and kill sc2 games etc. gtx 295 =500 bucks and 4870 + future vga = 700 and all these month u can still earn :D
  31. I agree with going with the 4870, and then upgrading to something similar in the year with the money you save.
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