Intel DP55WB vs. i3 530 someone told me that an Intel dp55wb wont OC at all. Is that true? If not, how much can i OC my i3 530?? Thanks.
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  1. Well that is'nt all true my friend . The Intel DP55WB does overclock. In fact I am able to overclock my i5-750 on DP55WB (with the latest Bios ver.) up to 180X20=3600 on the intel's stock cpu cooler. It can bump your cpu voltage from a default 1.25v to 1.3v or a max of 1.35v & suupports 1.5v & 1.6v memory modules. A word of advice, stay away from the PCIe power settings. My Power Color 5850 would not let the system restart but a shutdown would work, it is best to leave these at default. Otherwise it is an amaizing value for money. And you might want to check it's compatiablity with an i3. To the best of my knowledge the Dp55WB does not works with an i3. Do look into that before you buy.
  2. Don't make 2 threads with one subject,follow your thread here
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