Two Problems Cropped Up

Something has gone wrong but I don't know what or how to fix it.

The first symptom was that Windows Media Player will not rip music from my CD. It used to, now it won't.

The second symptom is it won't shut off. Whether I "Shut Down" or "Restart" makes no difference. Both result in the PC rebooting itself. If I want to shut it off, I have to manually press and hold the On/Off button.

What has happened?
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  1. At a guess (1) something has taken over from Media Player as default burner and (2) a change has been made in Control Panel>Power Options>Advanced button under "What to do when I press" etc.

  2. Thanks for the inputs. I'll check both when I get home tonight.

    The Media Player problem concerns ripping not burning but I will check the default, nonetheless.

    If I were not so busy and in need of my PC right now, I think I would just reinstall XP on the drive (a Crucial SSD).
  3. Well, neither of those solved the problem. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. What does Media Player do when you try to rip the disk? Messages? Do the disks play OK, but can't rip? Try using another application, CDex is one I use

    For the shutdown issue, try to reset the BIOS (either pull the battery for a bit or move the jumper on the MoBo).
  5. I changed a few settings in via the Control Panel and the "won't shut off" problem went away.

    The Media Player problem persists.

    Media Player symptoms include -

    1. Sometimes, the inserted disk gets kicked right back out.

    2. Extremely slow ripping of songs (~5-10 minutes/3 minute song).

    3. After a long, slow ripping of a CD, Media Player says it has to close and the ripped music is not saved to disk.

    4. Ripped music overwrites an existing song on a different album by a different artist.
  6. Media Player is behaving more normally but is still not working.

    It starts to rip the CD but after one song, it stops. The error message says there is not enough room on the computer, make some room and try again.

    There is 18GB on my C: drive and 1TB on the drive I am ripping the music over to (an external USB drive).

    Any ideas?
  7. Well, even the failure to shut down problem is back, again.

    Any ideas?

  8. The folder which holds the temporary ripped files while the originals are being burned may have a size limit. Try to find it in Documents and Settings>{yourname}>Application Data>Microsoft>CD Burning and clear it out.

  9. Odd message about not enough room, try a different program for this. Media Player does not create the best quality files anyway. CDex which uses the LAME codec to encode MP3s is much better.

    Not sure if a bad drive can cause these odd issues (disk ejecting it may, but not the space issue), if you don't mind spending a $20 to replace the drive, may be something to try.
  10. Can no one offer any advice on how to proceed with this?

    Is doing a repair of the XP advisable?

    Should I just reformat/reinstall XP??

  11. If you can rescue your files to another drive, installing a fresh copy of XP is probably the best option. That false message about disk space is a good enough reaosn to do it. A Repair install will just take up more space and a clone will carry the same problems into the new copy.

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