Seagate Free Agent

I recently purchased 4 of these drives

And all of them have failed within a week of purchase, I bought the 1st one 4 weeks ago, and for the next 4 weeks once a week I’ve exchanged one dead one for one new one.

After all of this I have now bought a WD because I do not want to deal with this again, now being a curious person I wanted to know what drives where being used in these so I started looking at 2TB internal HD models (Seagate obviously) and low and behold there is an internal clone with the exact symptoms of failure as all 4 of my externals. THE CLICKS OF DOOM!
I’m posting this as a warning to everyone to avoid these drives as it would seem that you have to be extremely lucky with these drives, and I also wanted to see what all of you thought about this.

Is it a hardware error? Is it bad Firmware? Your thoughts? :bounce:
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  1. How about the fact that I have never used a Seagate because they are renowned for being the most unreliable drives on earth. Lol
  2. i have 2 freeagents, both are still working in perfect condition; i bought one >4 years ago, and another last year. I personally trust seagate externals more than western digital; many of my hallmates in my dorm last year had western digital mybooks and probably half of them failed. I've also never met someone personally with a seagate failure. in any case; it's personal preference
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