Flashing bios on foxconn p43a

A friend of mine suggested i should update my bios by flashing it.

The problem is that i've never done a bios flash before.

I allready went to the foxconn website and read all about how to and what not to do.
But as the newbie i am at this i couldn't make any sense of it.

Went to the AMI website; same result. As with the manual of the mobo.

Finally tried to google some anwsers but still no luck finding out on how to in lahmens terms.

Haven't got a floppy drive in my pc to create a bootable disc and i'm currently working out on how to create a bootable usb stick
(hopefully by tomorrow i will know how because i allready hear my bed calling)

But after that i'm still not sure on how to flash the bios.

So the question is can anyone help me with a little tutorial on how to? Or even pointing me in the right direction would help a lot.

My setup is as follows:

current bios: AMI (05/23/08) version: 080015

Foxconn P43A (-S)
Q9550 E0 @ 3.4GHz; all stock volts

If any more info is required i will gladly provide it.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Greetz DaeM
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