Nvidia power management mode on XP

I'm having a problem. My windows XP is original, and I had to re-install it.
After I did, i can't fide the "power management mode" on control panel
On windows 7 i can, on XP i cant. tried drivers since 177.92 and cant find this option on windows XP
My card is 9800gt

any help?

thank you all
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  1. I don't understand what the exact problem is, you can't find power management under windows control panel or you cannot find power management under nvidia control panel?

    they are two unrelated issues, so reinstalling your XP has nothing to do with nVidia control panel.

    assuming nVidia didn't decide to take the power management option out sometime between you tried to update drivers last I don't see why it would be missing from nVCP...
  2. i cant find on NVCP. i guess this is marketing. You'll only have this option if you buy Windows 7.
    i cant remember the driver version, but I had the power management to my 9800gt on winXP, but now there's no such thing. i even tried installing drivers since the version 177.xx and still nothing.
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