Can't download when overclocked


This is my Setup:

Motherboard: MSI k8mm-v
CPU: AMD Athlon 2800+ @ 1.8Ghz
Ram: 1GB ddr 400
Graphics: Nvidia 6600
PCI Network Wireless Card (DWA-525)

I can't overclock from the bios.
I used ClockGen to overclock my FSB.

I have succesfully overclocked to 250mhz FSB giving me 2.25Ghz cpu speed (Hyper Transport @ 1Ghz). Problem is I can not download anything. I can surf though.

The highest overclock I managed so far is FSB: 222.22 * 9 -> 2Ghz and then I can still download.

With ClockGen I have tried overclocking with and without selecting the "Igonore GSB/PCI" field which didn't affect my problem.
I ran Prime95 for 3 hours on 2.25Ghz without getting any errors.

I have notice that when I attemped download when I am overclocked beyond 2Ghz that the download will start for 1 second at normal speed and then fall back to a very very slow speed of ~ 15 bytes/sec which looks like it is not downloading but in fact its just very very slow. That is probably why I can still browse because I can get that download "burst" to download the web-page before it slows down to nothing.

I would like to overclock to 2.25Ghz instead of 2.0Ghz with the ability to download.
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  1. I guess the FSB much overclock the wifi card and make it unstable when running at its highest speeds (when downloading). All I can suggest is try a download program like one called download them all or a different wireless card. I could be wrong if anyone else has an idea though.
  2. Im sorry but to be honest you shouldn't be overclocking your system to begin with, its just not worth it performance-wise. In other words you will not notice a difference in real-world apps/games since the clocks are too low anyways. Going from 1.8 to 2Ghz with an Athlon 2800 is not going to boost the overall performance of your PC, especially if it does not let you DL at the desired speeds.
  3. I can get it to 2.0Ghz and still be able to download.
    Its when I want to overclock faster than that when my downloading gets messed up.

    I dont understand why the wireless card gets overclocked though when I select PCI / AGP not to be overclocked.

    You say that I should be overclocking but I would like to get the best performance from this pc. If I overclock from 1.8 to 2.2, doest that mean that I would roughly experience a 20% gain in overall speed?

    Any other ideas?
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