9800gtx+ causing problems....help please

ok i just recently bought a bfg 9800gtx+ and while im playing call of duty wow the game freezes and the pixels get all messed up and i cant even use alt control delete and i have to shut down my system....this happens after playing for about 30 min and i never had these problems with my previuos graphic cards which were dual 9800gt's... NEED HELP PLEASE

my specs
xps 630
e8500 @ 3.8
4gb @ 800mhz
bfg 9800gtx+
650i motherboard
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  1. Did you do a driver reinstall, including using a driver cleaner ?
  2. how do you do that
  3. Download and save the latest driver to where you can find it for later install
    Download DriverCleaner or DriverSweeper ( You can find both at guru3d.com )
    Uninstall the Nvidia video driver thru Add/Remove Programs in the control panel
    Reboot into safe mode and cancel any install that pops up
    Run the driver cleaner
    Install new driver
  4. well i decided to return the card and i am going to get a new one.....do you have any suggestions in what graphic card i should i get? do you noe which one would work on my dell xps 630
  5. You shouldn't have an issue with any card that require's two 6 pin power connectors, for the one's that need an 8 pin power connection I would think that the use of an adapter would be fine.
    Question; Why switch from two 9800 GT's to a single GTX in the first place ?
  6. Quote:
    Yeah why would you downgrade from 2 9800GT's to a single 9800GTX+??

    So basically you returned the card because your too lazy to install your drivers correctly. Its morons like you that cause people like us to have to pay restocking fees.

    Now you want us to recommend a new miracle card for you that will work while you have old and new drivers installed at the same time, lol, good luck.

    Great bit of help there, I suppose you knew everything about computers from the first time you saw one.

    I found the answer to my question several posts down, salabarria intended to go with SLI GTX+.
  7. yea i was gonna go sli with the gtx+ ....duhh lol ..but i had a bad card whenever i played any of my games after 30 min the pixels would get messed up and then my computer would lock up and that was after reinstalling the drivers and doing that driver cleaner...so im gonna return the 9800gtx+ and buy a gtx 260 and then add another one later on i think thats good...right?
  8. yea i hate dell...but where do i do to delete the old drivers and do i do it before i install the graphics card? or do i do it after
  9. That's what you were telling him ?
    Calling him lazy for not installing driver correctly, when because of the question he asked "how do you do that", he obviously didn't know the proper procedure.
    Calling him a moron for making people such as you ( I won't include myself ) pay restocking fees when that's something he's responsible for.
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