Sata III - II confusion

I'm about to set up my new computer, and i had a doubt, which is keeping me from actually building it. I have this motherboard

and I have a WD Caviar blue 500GB around (WHICH IS SATA II)

Am I going to be able to install this in the SATA III slots that the motherboard has? I have a DVD that is SATA as well and I dont know if it will cause any damage/incompatibility between the components, if its actually compatible, do i need a different cable?
Any kind of modification in the jumpers? I tried reading the motherboard's manual but i couldnt find anything that would clarify my doubt.

I highly appreciate your answers.

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    I got a crosshair formula IV which has 6 Sata III and comes with 3 6gb cables.
    I am using them at this time and there is no gain or loss/damage with both Sata II WD Velociraptors.
    Also CD seems fine.

    Sata III sockets are backwards capatible.
  2. Connecting a SATA2 harddrive to a SATA3 motherboard will work, but it won't be any faster.
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