Major problem with new Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer

Hi All,
I just installed a new Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer with the 92mm fan in my computer--Pentium D on an Asus P5LD2-VM Mobo. Upon restarting the computer, the CPU temp immediately shot up to over 100* C. I restarted with the case side removed and it still went to over 90C. The fan is working. I used liberal thermal grease as per the instructions.
Now, I suspect I might have positioned it wrong--I have the CPU fan (it's a tower type) facing directly to the rear case fan--they're now inches apart. I went to remove the cooler, but can't budge the clips it uses. Any hints on how to remove this cooler, or why I'm getting such high temps?
Further, because of the mounting ring it used on this type CPU, if I want the fan to face down or up (which would point it directly at the PSU) I'd have to remove and reposition the mounting ring as well.
Any help greatly appreciated--I've got an unusable computer for the moment!
Thanks in advance,
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  1. The fan blows air through the heatsink, so if you've got the fan on the side nearest the back of the case then that hot air's being blown into the case, against the pull of whatever fan's on the back of your PC.

    If you take a look at the fan on the HSF, there's normally 2 arrows, one running parallel to the direction of the fan (showing fan spin direction), and one perpendicular (showing air direction), make sure that the air is being pushed through the HSF towards the back. Making it go through the PSU is a bad idea, PSU airflow normally isn't that great and if that thing overheats badly and faults, you can kiss your whole system goodbye.
  2. Even running without the fan it should not overheat like that if the heatsink is mounted properly. Recheck that the heatsink is seated correctly.
  3. Have you adjusted the fan speed to max? Did it come with 92mm fan? Manufacturers site says 120mm! Are the mounting pins push & click? When you push and click the 4th pin, the opposite one often comes out, Give them all a push to see if one clicks. To remove, you use screwdriver to turn anti-clockwise until it comes loose. You DID fit the INTEL adapter to the original factory setup, without removing anything? How much paste did you apply? Usual is very thin coating, twice as much should still be pretty thin. If you did a LOT you may not have good contact. Clean off with TIM remover or isopropyle alcohol and try again with very thin coating.

  4. 1. make sure the air is being pushed though the heat sink
    2. make sure the air is heading out the back of the case
    3. check that it is secure and that it has good contact with the CPU

    i would tend to agree with caniba, it sounds as if the heat sink is not mounted corectly especially as now u say the clips wont release, u may have got it a lil worng and now its stuck, just play with it till u can get it off be cafeful then remount it.
  5. When you're dumb you're dumb. Never removed the protective plastic from the heatsink! Now installed with less paste and facing to blow through and I'm in the high 30's to mid 40's on temp! Wow!

    Thanks to all for helping out this dummy!
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