How to get back SSD performance?

My Intel X25-M 80 GB has lost some serious read performance recently, I've been using AS SSD to find out it's performance and what I've noticed the most is the sequential read is down to 40 MB/s (half the original).

I think the reason for this might be that the Intel SSD optimizer has not been working properly and/or it has not been receiving TRIM support.

How can I resolve my issue? I've heard erasing the drive and doing a fresh install of W7 is one of the ways. Is the best way just to copy all the files on to my HDD (minus the Windows folder) and do a fresh install?

Thanks, any ideas would be great.
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  1. Post the AS SSD benchmark here; it will also show alignment and driver issues.
  2. Before, it's scores were always 400+, 420~ max.

    and recentley it's regularly been scoring 350-370, but sometimes it does much worse in other areas.
  3. Did you install fresh on this SSD, or did you use a cloning program?

    Your performance still looks on par, but slightly degraded. If you prefer higher performance, you can secure erase the SSD the install fresh, but leave a portion unused this time, with no partition. Thus on a 80GB SSD you create a 60GB partition and leave the rest unused. This helps against performance degradation over time.
  4. Thanks. I'll do this, one more question I have is~

    Those OCZ PrimoDrives, they have good performance initially but dont support TRIM or anything like that? Do you think they will in the future? whats the point of getting one, for the speed, if it degrades?

    What are they changes it will degrade if you leave a 25% unused partition on them along with the fact they use SF-1200?

    Another question is, what do you think the chances are of the new 25 nm Micron/Intel SSDs using 6 GBPS? Their latest SSDs come up to 255, and they say they're able to fit twice as much memory in the same space with 25 nm as opposed to 40 nm, I think I read somewhere they will be doing 160 GB drives initially and going up to 360~?
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