What mobo for EVGA GTX 260 Core 216?

Hey all, first post.

I'm in the process of upgrading my system. I thinking of buying an EVGA GTX 260 core 216 from newegg.com and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on a mobo. I have an ASUS M2N-SLi and I've had to replace it twice in the past year so I'm looking at other brands.

Also, I have an Apevia 500w PS, does that need replacing?

My current specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600 Socket AM2
(2) XFX 9600 GT 512 MB
Windows XP 32bit

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  1. My suggestion for a video card would be this
    about on par with the GTX260 and $140 after rebate

    As for a motherboard would you want or need SLI/Crossfire capability?
  2. Yeah, I definitely want the Sli/crossfire capability. I'm not a big fan of ASUS products atm. I've had nothing but problems with this motherboard and drivers. I also like EVGA's policy where you can upgrade within 90 days. They also have really good customer service...ASUS not so much.

    I'm thinking a GPU in the $200 range would be good for me. I have mid range cards right now and I'd like to upgrade. I'm just unsure as to the mobo and PSU.
  3. http://www.techspot.com/review/108-visiontek-radeon-4870/page5.html

    Look at these 2 reviews. One has the 9600GT SLI and the other has the 4870. You should see about a 25-30% increase going from your SLI setup to a single 4870. My point being that even though it's price has fallen, the 4870 is still a very good card. And I don't want to make you feel bad about the cards you have but they are not mid-range. They may have been when they were released but now I think they would be considered more upper low-end.

    I understand that you might have an issue with Asus, I personally have never had a problem with their products and think they're a great company. I think your problem was more than likely the Nvidia chipset on that board, Nvidia's had a lot of issues the last couple years with their products. If you are looking to spend $200 then I would suggest the 4890. You could get a factory overclocked version for $220 after rebate.
    4890 vs. GTX285 vs. GTX280 vs. GTX275 vs. GTX260 Core216 vs. 4870 1gb vs. 4870 512 vs. 4850

    Yes you are going to want to replace your PSU and as for motherboards
    2 16x slots, 1@16x 1@8x
    2 16x slots, Both @ 16x
    There are many good options as far as motherboards. I chose those 2 based on what you said you wanted plus your ability to upgrade to a AM3 chip if you desire down the road.

    Another option would be something like this
    when used with a ATI video card you can enable hybrid crossfire which will use the on board GPU for light tasks such as windows and web surfing and while gaming it will switch to the video card and the on board GPU will help to give it a little boost to increase performance
  4. Haha I'm not offended. At the rate technology changes, especially GPUs, I might as well be using 2 rocks inside my case.

    I think the 4890 and GIGABYTE GA-MA790GP-UD4H would be a great setup. I had heard some bad things about the Catalyst drivers but the same could be said about NVIDIA. I've had to reinstall my chipset drivers twice this week...

    I know what each computer part does and I know what they look like, but my technical knowledge is rather slim. Think I should have a professional install this board if I get it? Also, on that same note, is ATI user friendly? I don't know the first thing about overclocking and I'm guessing the hybrid crossfire is an option that I just need to enable?

    Thanks for the help. This is great info!
  5. There are a million different resources online to walk you through building a system and there have been plenty of people on here that were walked through building their systems. Doing it yourself is the best way to learn and you get a great sense of accomplishment by doing it yourself. If you have a friend that knows what they are doing then you could ask them to help. If your really afraid of messing something up then you could find someone to install things for you.

    For hybrid crossfire you just have to enable it in the Catalyst Control Center
  6. I reinstalled the new ASUS mobo after an RMA a few months ago. But, I had diagrammed out how it was connected prior to shipping it out...then again, I'm having chipset issues now. lol I think I'm going to go with this GPU and mobo, once I get some money of course. Thanks again for the help!!
  7. No problem. If you get the stuff and want to give it a shot then start a new thread, plenty of people on here would be more than willing to walk you through it. Good luck.

    P.S. As I said before, I think the chipset was the problem, no Asus, not you installing it.
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