When i insert my flash USB windows no disk found

Hello, When i insert my FlashUSB the computer detects it
but it shows zero size
and No Disk
When i double click on it
it gives me "Please insert Disk on Drive H"
I tried all tricks in books
change drive and path name
on disk management
nothing works
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  1. Try using it on another computer. If the other computer detects it and you do not have anything on it, do a format. Then see if your computer detects it.

    if ur problem is
    - disk Management it shows it as as Removable Storage(+letter) with no media in it
    - properties shows that it has 0 free space and 0 used space
    - shows up in my computer but say insert disk

    ok i had the same pen drive, same 4 gb and same problem
    this is how i solved it

    1. plug in the pendrive. restart the pc with a xp installation cd
    and make sure u reboot into the xp installation
    2. follow the prompts till u get to which drive to install the xp
    3.delete the existing partition on the pendrive(it will be listed)
    and create a new partition. this re-installs the mbr
    4. quit the installation and remove the pendrive before booting normally
    5. after booting plug in the drive and format it
    – i used HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool but i think windows formatting
    should work
    – i did a quick format first before a full with ntfs
    email me if u have any questions : jojomannoh@yahoo.co.uk

    AFTER 10 HOURS OF SEARCHING MY 4GB Kingston Datatraveler usb 2.0 device IS
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