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Well, I'm going to build my first computer this fall. I have decided that I will go with a 2.93 ghz i7 CPU but now the question pops up what GPU. For specifics budget of $200 - $300 but will listen to other setups more than that. I want to be able to play Crysis at about 1920 x 1200 ish plus or minus a few levels. I also need a dual monitor setup (24inch) but I don't need monitor suggestions. (about 1 to 2 gigs of memory)
So basically what I'm looking to have answered is a very good GPU setup that will fit my specs. ATI or NVIDIA I just need help.
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  1. GTX260 core 216 is probably your best bet.
  2. 4850 x2
  3. This fall? Like in Sept22-Dec22 (or thereabouts)? It's better to wait, no idea what's going to be coming out, what the prices will be or the performance of new components. Just keep an eye out and keep doing your research.
  4. 4870 1gb or 4850 x2.

    4850 x2 is supposedly equal to the 280 GTX but it seems to have issues with drivers from reviews. I have the 4870 1gb it works like a champ at 1680 x 1050 I don't know about 1920 x 1200 maybe a few frames lower but thats it.
    the GTX 260 is also good too depends on the game.

    If your willing to pull another 30 bucks out you can get the 280 GTX for $330 on or
  5. (2) 4850's in Crossfire will be your best bet. It will knock the socks off any other single GPU card and run you $300.
  6. How about two 4830's in Crossfire. Could be had for under $200 and would perform almost as well as the two 4850's.
    I was wondering now that I've looked more I've found a 4870X2 (not two 4870s but the 2gb version) for $360. Is this a good deal it has all the same specs as the other 4870X2 but it's $140 cheaper
  8. Is it the 4850x2 by chance? link us..
  9. the item was deactivated so i don't know whats up
  10. That was way to cheap.

    Honestly I think (2) cards in Crossfire tend to show better performance than the X2 cards.
  11. If I were to select an X2 or perhaps one of those new NVIDIA 295 cards. Which would be better and why. I know the price is high but when I buy in October the price will most likely have dropped $100 or close to that.
  12. Going to be a whole different ball game by fall. 45nm cards will be coming out soon, and there'll be a whole bunch of gobbledygook renaming to wade through as they shrink current chips.

    I would keep an eye out for a "pure" 45nm card. That is to say a chip that was designed and manufactured as 45nm from day one.

    I got burnt on my 9800GTX+. It was supposed to be a 55nm chip, but I am unsure if it truly is, and there's no easy way to tell. Asus is being evasive in answering my queries.

    When it comes close to trigger time, do all you can to ensure the card you get is the one you want. These idiot companies and their idiot renaming / rebranding are just plain devious, if you ask me.
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