Which among the two?

which card would i choose?
an 8600gt or a 9500gt?(ddr2 version)
both are close in price but i dont know which i would choose., please help, any comments between the two cards?, thanks
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  1. They are both pretty much the same card; there may be a few differences feature-wise between the two, but the performance will be pretty much equal. Neither will be great for gaming; I'd recommend looking at the ATI Radeon HD 4650 and 4670 or the GeForce 9600GT.
  2. Agreed. Look at minimum at the 4670 is planning to game.
  3. i dont think i can afford to buy the hd4670, ive read some reviews about hd4650 and it seems like its a bit better than the 9500gt, am i right?, im only talking about the ddr2 versions of these cards, is it also true that the 4650 consumes less power than the 9500gt?,
  4. Dont buy any card with DDR2, I dont care what it is.
  5. haha, ok, i changed my mind, right now im planning to buy the ddr3 version of hd4650, is it better than the 9500gt?, and about the power consumption, is 4650 a nice choice?
  6. Yes, the 4650 is superior to the 9500GT in regards to both performance and power consumption.
  7. HD 4600 series FTW!!!

    Yeah, the 9500GT has nothing on the HD 4650.
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