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Hey guys, I'm just wondering if someone could help me in overclocking the old phenom x3 8450. I have tried for 6 months now but I don't think I am doing something right so just in case I blow up my whole pc I really would like if someone could give me some expert advice. I can change the fsb speed in the bios even the auto overclock but then the system wouldn't boot or it would just change back to default. Someone told me on an earlier post that it had something to do with my ram and should lower the ram multiplier but I have no idea what or were that is in my bios. I could post pics of my bios to help.

cpu- phenom x3 8450 @2.1
mobo- BIOSTAR TF570 sli am2+
ram- 4gb (different brands but same specs)
psu- 550w
hdd- wd caviar 640gb
cpu cooling- Deep cool 120mm ice wing pro

I really want to overclock my rig :bounce:
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  1. I can help you with this since I am going to the same with my Phenom x3 8250e. Right now I got it at 2.57 ghz, 1.216v core. 270mhz base clock with the ram at 360mhz physical (Unganged) 3:4. First raise your base clock to 210mhz and test your system to see if it is stable. Make sure that your ram can handle the overclock as well but you can change the ratio if needed.
  2. Be sure to clean any dust out of the NB cooler (the cooler next to the top pci-e slot) which will help keep the rig more stable. Also get rid of any dust near the power stage bear the cpu socket so it doesn't get to hot.
  3. Thanks :D , the thing is if I set the fsb speed above 205 it does not want to boot but switches back to defult and says I must reset the cpu speed in the bios. my temps are quite low. What do you have to change in the bios maybe I'm missing something. btw here are some pics of my bios in the "overclock navigator engine"-

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    DRam config-

  4. Set to Unganged mode... Also make sure the NB isn't running hot or it will botch your overclock.
  5. no luck. It just restarts and I get a post saying that I must reset the cpu speed in the bios settings. btw what is ddrII ram timing?
  6. I don't know never seen it before. As for the link it isn't working. I don't like your board o.O not very OC friendly it seams. Perhaps the board is unable to handle the power draw seeing that it doesn't support any above 95w. I hate the brand and had two boards fail in 6 months time except they were Intel. The power stages degraded over a year and a half. So I would go ahead and stick with the meager oc that you are able to manage for now till you are able to get a better board for your cpu. They fly when you got a good board to back them up. I am using the infamous Ga-ma 790x-ds4.
  7. Just thought the same thing , I'm looking maybe in buying another mobo like the ones that can take the ddr2 and ddr3 memory and am2+ am3 backwards compatible . This mobo aint to snazzy when it comes to overclocking and it has too many settings. its just a pain in the ass really. Thanks for suggesting a new mobo, there is a 780 asus chipset for sale near a pc shop here. :hello:
  8. So long it can run DDR2 then you're good plus AM2+ and AM3+ compatibility goes a long ways.
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