Low memory bandwidth results on Sisoftware Sandra

Hello all,

I have recently purchased a Dell M4400 PC with PM45 1067Mhz FSB chipset and 4GB of DDR2-800Mhz RAM. As usual, I have installed Sisoftware Sandra to test and compare key components of the system to similar setups. Everything was fine and dandy until I performed the memory bandwidth test. I was able to get both Int and Floating Memory Bandwidth of somewhere around 5GB/s. However, a similar setup using ATI Xpress 1250 with the same type of RAM bandwidth scored 7GB/s in comparison.

My question is, is 5GB/s memory bandwidth OK for a 1067Mhz FSB PM45 chipset with DDR2-800Mhz RAM? Does anyone have a similar configuration, ran the same test and was able to get better (or similar) results?

Any help/input would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks.
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  1. I think I forgot to add an important specification. The memory timings for my particular setup is 6-6-6.
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