Buy vista OEM in USA work in NZ?

Hi im looking to get Vista Home Premium 64bit OEM and it is cheaper in the USA compared to New Zealand were I live. I was wondering if I got it from the USA would it work in my NZ PC? And if i ring microsoft and ask for another activation code (if my mobo breaks.) will the code work? Will they know i bought it from the USA?
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  1. Yes to all questions. Microsoft don't care where you buy it.
  2. as ghislaing said it will work, you will have no problem at all. i live in the netherlands and have xp pro vista premium, office 2007 and recently home server from the states and have never had a problem even when asking for a activation code
  3. $208.13 NZ is about $116.55 US

    Can you by and ship the disc from the US cheaper than that?
  4. Not by much as the disc alone if 99 US dollars w/o shipping. I imagine it would cost at least 10 dollars to ship it to NZ. Really I don't think the savings would be worth while.
  5. Na i know some one going over there. How much does Vista Home premium bit OEM cost instores over there (not online, cause how would you do it?). Prefably in San Franisco, thats where I know some one thats going there. I can get it in NZ for $213

    Can you go wrong with software? I mean if it doesnt work or something/Damaged disc
  6. You can always download it or get a replacement DVD from Microsoft for a minimal fee. I have a license for Windows Server 2008 and I downloaded it from Microsoft.
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