Coolermaster H50 Pump Placement

Greetings Fellow TH'ers [:fisshy:4]

Just purchased A CM 690 II Advanced Chassis

And was Contemplating buying A Hydro Series water cooler from the company as well.
the problem with this is i want a clean setup.
In order to achieve this i want to place the Radiator Mounted onto the Top of the Chassis (internal).

As a basic rule in water cooling the Pump has to be the lowest point in the system as to Stop it from "starving" and burning itself due to the lack of Liquid. [:fisshy:2]

That is why i posted this Poll.
If you don't know please don't answer.

Any tips Besides The Push Pull Configuration in order to improve cooling efficiency would be welcomed :p
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  1. The pump is built into the block, it's not possible for it to be anywhere else.

    If you get one, mount the rad either on the front or back feeding air INTO the rad and case. You can do it as exhaust, but it usually raises CPU temps, depending on what else you have going on in your case (ie, bad case airflow mixed with two or three GTX 480s = a no-no).

    As for any other tips, just make sure you mount it properly. The supplied mount gives good pressure on the CPU, and the thermal paste that comes with it is a Shin-Etsu paste, which has no cure time and performs at least on par with AS5, probably besting it.
  2. +1 ^
  3. Thanks you guys for the quick replies...

    i was planing of getting 2 x Noctua UH12 Fans (something like that) for the push~pull...

    So then That would nullify the Effects Of the "Idle Ambient Air Effect".

    That is another reason Behind Wanting to Mount it on the TOp of the chassis so the Exhaust Fan could still be used to evacuate the air from the CPU
  4. One option is to setup the H50 is an exhaust configuration(Hot air blowing out). Then use the 2 side fans to force cool air from ouside to the case.

    You can setup the H50 with PUSH-PULL configuration (2 fans) then blowing out.

    Its your choice.

    Best way is measure the CPU temp at the different cooling configuration. Use Prime-95 to force the CPU to MAX temp @ (100% CPU).
  5. When I did my testing of the H50, intake and output had around a 5C difference, but depending on the airflow of the case (positive/negative pressures and such), your results may vary.
  6. Thanks guys, nothing like some proper advice...
    I am planning To use Two Fans for push ~ pull (i hear the Coolermaster one supplied isn't exactly their best)

    Instead of opening a new thread

    Which fans have You guys had Good experiences with... Noise isn't a Problem, nor color. Just quality and performance
  7. Noise isnt a problem? If you're REALLY sure noise isn't a problem, then:

    Delta AFB1212GHE-F00 120mm Case Fan
    Really great fan. By great, I mean not only cfm (cubic feet/ minute) but also great noise, great voltage, great weight. I tested it before i put it in the case... had to push it forward with my whole arm so that it didnt blow me off balance somehow... or fly off. But its REALLLLY loud. It's louder than a cheap box fan on Hi. Also, I hooked this fan to a speed controller and it melted the 12v rated socket. The fan is supposely up to 12.9, and even though I only ran it at half speed on the controller, it still melted. Attached to the motherboard is fine though.. atleast on a p6t. Running speedfan at 2500rpm makes it nice and quiet yet still blows hard.

    Otherwise I have a couple of these:
    COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20CG-GP 120mm Green LED Case Fan
    Nice green looking things. Looks like my PC case has something living inside of it, and they are fast and quiet. They are 90cfm compared to the Delta 240cfm compared to the H50 factory 45cfm.
  8. ^those.

    those coolermaster Fans move twice as much air as most competing fasn in the same noise bracket. they are awesome.
  9. I would stay away from the Deltas, IMHO, getting a couple of those would sound like, well, having a Delta airplane in your computer! :lol: They're also expensive.

    I've heard good things about the Cooler Master R4's, but also that they are underrated when it comes to noise (more like 30dB instead of 19).

    I have four Yate Loon D12SH's, and they move quite a bit of air (I think like 85CFM or something), and with all four at 12v, they are audible, but the whir they make is not annoying. At 5v, they are completely silent, and still move (probably) around 40CFM or so.

    I used two Thermaltake Thunderblades (78CFM, around 30dB) when I had my H50, and on an open test bench, together lowered temperatures by like 12C when compared to the single stock fan.
  10. Scythe Gentle Typhoons has the most airflow among the quiet fans if you are interested in low noise operation.
  11. Thanks guys, googling them as i type...

    I usually game with headphones on so ya, noise isn't an issue
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