Do I have to install a driver to run HD 4850 on win2k3 srv?


I'm running windows vista along with win2k3 srv, dual boot, and I wonder if I have to install any driver for GigaByte HD 4850. I know that there is no drivers for win2k3, but running the OS wouldn't hurt the card in any way?
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  1. no it wont hurt your 4850, but have you tried win xp or win 2000 driver you never know, i dont know anything about win2k3 server so cant tell you anything useful
  2. So I should be trying XP driver first?
  3. ^ Yes. If it's the x64 version of 2k3 try the XP x64 drives.
  4. I would just install the drivers, and not the CCC component. I have a feeling you aren't gaming while in Server 2K3
  5. ya sure :)
  6. Install Manual

    Let's enjoy :sol:
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