Really bad SSD write speeds

I recently bought the Intel X-25M 80GB, I've run a few benchmarks on it and the write speeds are coming out really bad.

Here's a shot of the benchmarks I've performed:

When I run the AS SSD benchmark, the write benchmarks for 4K and 4K-64Thrd take over 5 minutes, is that normal? (Ignore the Acc. Time for Read, one of the other programs blocked access to it and I wasn't too pushed about running the test again).

I've been working on this for the last day. I've securely erased it, have the most current firmware, enabled AHCI from the fresh install of Win 7 x64, did all relevant SSD tweaks, installed the current intel ich10r ahci driver. I'm at a loss, anyone want to help me out?

Motherboard: Asus P5Q
Hard drive: Intel X-25M
RAM: 4GB 5-5-5-15 6400
CPU: Intel Q6660
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  1. If I remember correctly, shouldn't the write speeds be around 70MB/s? I've seen say, in reviews on NewEgg and Amazon that most are experiencing these "slow" write speeds. But may be not. Perhaps others with the drive can chime in and confirm this or not. I'm digging that 215MB/s average write though...whoops my SATA II V.Raptor.
  2. Try running the Intel Toolbox to manually trim all free space.

    You may have ran with Intel driver all this time and did not actually had TRIM. Now that you do, it will not TRIM deleted files in the past.

    The Intel Toolbox utility should be able to reclaim the free space and give it back to the SSD. Your 4K write speeds should be nearly the same as sequential speeds; that's what the Intel controller is capable of on a fresh SSD.
  3. Thanks, I did what you said and a few 2 other things...enabled write caching and installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, these are the speeds I'm getting now....

    I'm quite happy with this as it seems to match most benchmarks I've seen online.
  4. That looks a lot better!

    As you can see, your 4K QD32 write score is almost the same as your sequential write score; this is very good; Indilinx SSDs don't go higher than 9.5 or so.

    The 4K QD32 score could a little bit higher, but still is much higher than the normal 4K (QD1) scores.
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