Monster Quad Core PC OR Gamer Ultra 7205

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  1. If you're spending over 500 on a PC, it's better to build it. You'll get better parts for the same price. Neither of your two choices are good.

    However, out of those two, the Quad PC is better. The Phenom I series was never that good, but if you add that 4850 it will serve your gaming purposes well and the 2 extra cores will be good for multitasking. Also if you ever can scrape together an extra 150 you can upgrade the CPU to a Phenom II X3 720, which is much better than the 9500.
  2. If i were u and loking for a cheap build id make this:

    CPU E5200 2.5 Ghz pentium dual core £59
    Motherbaord asus p5qseip45 £73
    Graphics card Nvidia 9800 GT 1GB £109
    PSU Corsair 400W £45
    Case antec 300 £47
    Hard drive Western digital 500GB 16mb cahe £50
    CPU cooler Freezer 7 pro £18
    Ram 4GB corsair 800 Mhz 2 x 2GB £36
    DVD drive £15

    total £452

    id choose this CPU because atm most games dont make full use of quad cores this will be true for 2-3 years, this CPU can Overclock easy to 3.4-4 Ghz with that cooler

    in 2 to 3 years pick up a quad core CPU for this machine whne they will be nice and cheap

    get a friend to make it and over clock it :)
  3. Both of those systems are a waste of money at this point in time.

    Look for a system with a PII X3 720BE or a PII 940BE. Or any Phenom two.

    As stated by third level stay away from phenom one.
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