Will radeon 4670 run with my PSU? of only 350watts

I have an HP m8530f witch i just got recently. i wanna get a new GPU seeing as how the 9300GE it came with is low end. I got my friend to order me a radeon 4670, since i heard it didnt need much power. I'm still unsure, i dont wanna break my new computer or anything my mom would kill me. so any help?? oh and i pretty sure it has 18v on the 12+ rails dont know if that'll help. and if i cant run it, will a 400w be enough?thx
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  1. Should be no problems, that card uses less than 50W at full load.
  2. Good choice, you'll have no problems
  3. ^ +1

    You will be fine. The 4670 is a GREAT card. Should be no issue. 250W PSU's might not be quite enough but you are fine.

    I put one of those in a system I build for a dude. HIS 4670 with 2GB Ram, E7200. Ran COD4 @ 1680x1050 MAXED (No AA) smooth as butter.
  4. I ran an HD 4670 on a 5 year old PSU with only 15amps on the 12v. So.... I think the card will work for about anybody.
  5. The 4670 is that magical card everyone is looking for. When you only have a 350W oem PSU, not PCI-E connectors, and just want to do light gaming. It's just awesome for what it is. And at $80 or less its a good deal.
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