Canon F80 Multifunction

Does anyone know if there is a review for the Canon F80 Multifunction machine? Or can someone comment on the scan quality?

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  1. OK, I just couldn't wait for the reviews. Based upon the reviews in PC Mag for the F60, the review on this site for the F30 (MPF400), and the customer reviews on CNET on the F30 and F50, I decided to just buy it. So far, I love it. The print quality is great. The scanner, while only 600dpi, is more than sufficient for scanning photos. I scanned a photo and printed it on Canon Glossy Photo Paper Pro and could barely tell the difference between it and the original. The machine is fast in both printing and scanning. A 4x6 print takes about 45-50 sec. The copier is also very fast and does both B/W and color copies. I haven't tried the fax feature yet. I was comparing the F80 and the HP 2210 and d135, but went with the Canon mostly because of the separate ink tanks and the paper feeder (The HP2210 doesn't have a paper feeder and the d135 was out of my price range). My only gripe is that the LCD display is hard to see at certain angles. Maybe there's a way to adjust the contrast, but I haven't found it.
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