GA-MA790FXT-UD5P Chipset Drivers for Windows 7

I recently built my first computer and I do admit I'm a bit of a noob to all of this, but I'm wanting to understand it all better. Just a bit of background on my computer configuration. I'm running a AMD processor (Phenom II), Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P, one hard drive connected by SATA, in Windows 7 (64 bit) RC1. The reason I'm checking to update my chipset is because my new video card (HD4870) has been underperforming and I'm trying to go throught he troubleshooting steps to find out why. So here is my problem with the chipset drivers.

I've tried installing the latest version of Chipset drivers listed on Gigabyte's website, but they only have a Vista 64 version. I've read that it shouldn't be much of a problem installing Vista 64 drivers into Windows 7 (64) so I go ahead and download those. I unzip the file and click on the folder named Vista, inside of that are VGA and RAID. I assume since I'm not running hard drives in a RAID configuration VGA is the folder for me. Inside of that are quite a few files and I select the installer named Asetup. Upon running this it immediately gives me an error saying that my OS is not supported. Perhaps, I was going about the installation in the wrong way, I'm not sure.

So I'm thinking that I'm probably running the Windows supplied version of Chipset drivers since I cannot get this to install. I'm unable to find where in the Device Manager the chipset drivers would show up to check what I currently have (like I said, I'm a bit of a noob).

Does anyone have any advice installing these or know where to find chipset drivers for my system.
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  1. The Motherboard in question is a great board produced by Gigabyte. Its biggest strength is its 10ports of sata 2. However this board dose not have any VGA ports whatsoever there installing the chip-set drivers for VGA should only produce instability problems. I am running it as my Server/gaming computer. I am also running Windows 7 x64bit release candidate and yes I did have some trouble running the update program. The chip-set drivers you download have to be run in compatibility mode and did not offer me any performance improvements however I did find the latest drivers from ATI for the video card improved my game ability greatly. Secondly I found tweaking my memory setting also improved my system performance. You need to get a hold of memory that runs at the 1.65v spec. If you run the 1.90v ram it seems to make our system unstable periodically (I Lost a $100 on the 1.90v ram).
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