Which SSD will fit my HTPC?

Hi, I'm going to build a new HTPC (i3-530, 2GB, 2 TB Green WD, ATI HD 5550, 400/500W Silent PSU) and would like to install Win7 and my apps on SSD but I have alimited budget for it.
I need it to be fast and reliable and cost less than 150$ (will 30GB be enough?)
I need your opinion regading this issue.

BTW - does someone knows SanDisk SSDs? how are they?
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  1. My self, I would not recommend less than 40 and preferably 60 -> 80

    Here is a 60 gig vortex, OUTSTANDING buy @ $114 (But currently out of stock @ newegg)

    What you need to do is RESEARCH and Good deals - Sometimes the "LOW" price is for a reason

    EX. 80 Intel w/goodies for only 125 after $75 MIR. Fantastic price, But what they don't say is that it is the older G! that does not support Win 7 Trim Cmd. (Ive heard, can not verify that the G1 performs very well with out trim support - If true, this would be a good choice - Maybe some one else can say yea, or nay

    Here is a $130 WD 64 gig SSD (I bought the 128 gig version for a laptop), Just this afternoon received my PCMag - appearently the WD is not very good, haven't had mine long enought to say one way or the other.

    For $100, a 40 gig Intel (Good)
  2. I have Win 7 64 plus ME2 installed to an intel x-25 80gb and it's using 50Gb. Everything else is installed to a second 1tb drive. Smaller drives actually offer decreased performance in SSD's so I wouldn't go less than 80 if you're looking for quick boot times, look for a write speed of at least 200, anything else is a waste of money IMHO. I guess my recommendation is to spend more money lol, costs more up front for larger drives but you get more value from you're purchase. Got mine on sale at newegg for $220 so the deals are out there. holy crap! on sale now for $200 you should definitely grab it.

  3. i think they are recommending to much..

    My HTCP runs on a 32gb ssd no issues. with W7 ult. boxxee/XBMC/hulu and small video apps (VLC etc)

    2.2 C2Duo, 4gb ddr 667, ati HD 4550. (32 gb ssd)
    (i stream my 12TB of media from a server located in basement)

    I have this drive, it's amazing, I love it. I have it running my win7 64 with plenty of space for office, drivers, and applications and I still have 7gb left. I have a 500gb that has my large applications on it. (photoshop, autocad)

    It's cheap, silent, has plenty of space, and its plenty FAST!
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