512MB of DDR3 vs. 1G of DDR2

Ok I've narrowed my options between...

EVGA 8600GT with 512MB of DDR3 or
XFX 8600GT with 1G of DDR2

Any opinions on which I should get?
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  1. DDR3 no question. You want the faster memory. 512mb vs 1GB is really a resolution question. You don't really get the memory increase benefit until you hit higher resolutions or a very video memory intensive game. And with a 8600GT i don't think you are playing those intensive games.

    Stick with DDR3
  2. Well it's not for a lack of wanting to play those games, I certainly would like to. But I'm quite limited on what I can play with my current computer ( http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/259633-33-need-advice-card ). It's a matter of getting the most out of what I have. If you have any other suggestions that would fit my comp, by all means list them. Thanks for your reply btw.
  3. is it PCI-E 16 or 8? i mean it could be a 16 physical and 8 logical.

    Id say 4670.
  4. Hmmm...as far as I know, it's PCI-E 16. I was on the phone with Dell just the other day and they stated that I'd have to look for PCI-E X16 cards. How would I confirm that.

    Hmmm...and that's another vote for 4670. I checked it out and the system requirements is a 400Watt PSU. I'm using a 350 Watt so unless I'm missing something...that's not an option.
  5. What model is the dell? Usually you can find a schematic of the dell desktops online and it will tell you. Sometimes it is printed on the board next to the slot.

    They tend to give conservative power ratings. That is with a fully loaded system. Here is a link that shows the actualy power consumption of a few cards, 4670 being one of them. And they are using a QX9770 @ 3.2 GHZ. It uses 210W at load. So your system should be fine. You have to consider the rest of your system. the 4670 doesnt suck that much juice. I wouldn't use it on a 250W machine, but I would on a 350W PSU. Unless you have 10 hard drives and an OCed Quad core.

  6. Dell Dimension 8400. I guess I could pop open my case and take a look. Would I find that information in the System Information section? Might save me from unplugging the mess behind my desk.

    Interesting to note what you said about conservative power ratings. I don't anticipate I'd be doing anything too intensive. The most I think would be going on at once might be playing some games, recording some TV, and downloading/uploading files all at once.
  7. Here is your diagram, look at page 71

    it is a PCI-E x16.

    Get the 4670
  8. really? ok...I'll start scouting them out. am I going to find one with 2 Dvi ports (to connect to my dell w2600 and infocus in72 projector). thanks again for all you help.
  9. They ALL have 2 DVI outputs.
  10. stay away from the ddr3 512 8600GT I have one and NEED to upgrade. Dont get me wrong I can play everything @ 1024 x 768 but thats it.
  11. +1 for GDDR3 over DDR2, especially if you are running a 32 bit operating system over a 64 bit one. (The extra 512 MB of graphics memory will "take more" of your 4 GB total system addressing limit if you are running 32 bit. Thus, if you put or have 3GB+ of system ram, you'll "lose more" with the 1 GB card over the 512.
  12. Now, as for video card suggestions, go with an ATI card over a Nvidia card. In the mainstream market, ATI has the better cards/prices right now.

    I can't recommend a card, though, because I must stay in the Nvidia camp due to my SLI MB.
  13. Cool, thanks for the input guys. Looking at different reviews on the 4670, it does seem to have "more of what I want". So I think I'm going to settle in on a 4670 with 512MB of DDR3. Is there any particular manufaturer I should go with, or are they all pretty much the same.
  14. Ok so it seems like HIS is the way to go. The rest of the reviews from other manufacturers all seem to complain about the noise coming from the fans. Whereas the HIS ones seem to run fairly quiet. Now do I toss in the extra $20 to go from 512MB to 1 Gig of DDR3 Ram? That seems rather rhetorical.
  15. The HIS card is REALLY REALLY quiet. That is the card I mentioned above and is worth the extra $10 or whatever it is. I believe it is also OCed a little bit.

    Don't bother with the 1GB card, unless you are running REALLY high resolutions you won't benefit much. If you look at the higher end cards the 1GB tends to show more benefits.
  16. I guess what I'm displaying things on (26" lcd, 80" projector screen) makes a big difference regarding resolution? Again thanks for the help.
  17. ok...I got really axious and went ahead and placed my oder with newegg.ca for the 1 gig card. It was on sale, $25.20 off with a $10 mail in rebate. In the end it comes out to about $15 more to double the amont of ram of the 512MB. :) I'm a sucker for good deals. I may not make use of the 1 gig, but for $15 more, it'll be nice knowing that I won't be wishing I had went with the 1 gig card.

    Can't wait for this to come in now. To go from a 256 MB 6800 Geforce to this card...I'm expecting to be pretty darn happy with it.
  18. Which card did you end up going with, the HIS? they are nice dude.

    HAHA from a 6800? you will be happy with it, don't worry.
  19. Yeah I went with the HIS. I didn't like what I was reading about all the noise the other manufaturers cards were making. So it seemed like a solid pick. THANKS BIG TIME for all your help with this. I'll be sure and update you with my thoughts on the card once I get it installed.
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