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Upgrading 2-year-old please

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December 31, 2008 3:55:54 AM

I want to upgrade this computer just a bit to improve the Windows Vista Experience Rating (currently at 4.6). The graphics are 4.6, gaming graphics at 4.8, processor at 5.1, primary hard disk at 5.4, and memory RAM at 5.5. a It is a Gateway GM5266e which I bought about 25 months ago.
This is the computer:
Please refer to the components and specifications.
I only want to upgrade the memory and graphics card at this time since I only want to spend less than $100 (in the future I will probably get rid of nearly everything and just keep the case), and, of course, I will need to replace the 300W power supply unit as well. I already have a 400W power supply unit from another PC, so all I need is to buy memory and a graphics card.
What would be the best graphics card the mobo can support? All I know is that an 8400 GS would work in it, but how much higher could I go than that?
Also, is it better to use 4GB (2GBx2) or 4GB (1GBx4)? I ask this b/c if it doesn't make much of a difference, I can just choose the latter option as it is cheaper-I only need to buy a 2GB(1GBx2) RAM bundle.
The PSU I have is pretty much brand new and it supported a system with an Intel Q9300 processor (stock) and an OC Nvidia 9800 GT. Do I still need a new one?
What would be the best RAM speed to get? The CPU FSB is 1066 MHZ, so wouldn't 533 MHZ be the best for that?
Also, the CS latency on the RAM HAS to be 5-5-5-15 or 6-6-6-? That's because of the mobo Gateway used. Do I have to get that speed RAM specifically or will the speed just downclock to that if it's faster?
Thanks in advance.

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December 31, 2008 4:10:20 AM

Go wit the 2X2GB config ...that can be the first option but for ur sys i think u can stick to the 2X1GB ...but be sure u get the same type of RAM(same latency, frequency and if possible same brand)

As for the gfx suggestion u can get the ATI 4670...They are at par with the 9600GT and the 3870... They have a gud in price-performance ratio and mayb u can find one for abt $70 to $80...And the sweetest part is that they dont need external power connectors....