Radeon Mobility 2600 Power Usage?

I bought my laptop with windows vista installed. Naturally I hated it, so I upgraded to windows xp. :na:
Anyway, with windows vista I was offered a power management program that allowed me to set the power input to my components (namely the radeon) up to really high levels, giving me huge in-game performance boosts. The default setting, however, doesn't give the gfx card as much to work with, so it tanks on new information down to 30fps and less from 60 during action, e.t.c.

My question really is, where can I find some sort of power management program to get the most out of my system? I've looked everywhere I can, and I couldn't find one thing that would work like the onset software in vista did. But I'm certainly not going back to vista.

I have an Asus f3ka with 2gigs ddr2 800, windows xp professional (performance ed. OOPS :ange:)

And simple, I can't get power to my components.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer guys.
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  1. Oh I think I should also note I've tried OC and that doesn't do the trick either. there seems to be a performance "cap" for my machine.
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