Corsair R60 Causing Short system hangs

So, I sent in my last R60 which had this problem, and data corruption. I got the new drive back and the good news is no data corruption yet, the bad news though is I still have random moments when my system hangs for just a split second and is most noticeable when playing games, listening to music, or watching videos. I have trying everything I can to get it fixed, and still have not been able to figure it out. Any ideas?
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  1. update your bios? make sure your video card isn't overheating causing video hang? is everything dusted out?
  2. None of that is affecting it, I have a clean system and when I run off of traditional storage then i have none of these problems, but when I used the SSD then i have problems
  3. You need a SSD with cache. I had the same problem with every SSD I tried that didn't have cache. the 32GB SSD had the problem much more so then the 64GB, and the 128GB had the problem less then the 64GB, none of them had cache. When I found a SSD with 128MB of cache I stopped having this random freezing problem. I think the problem is the hard drive can't keep up between the virtual memory writing/reading going on, and other background task running.
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