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ok, I am going to run 4 gtx 480's and my question has to do with the monitor set-up.Can I run a 3-monitor set up similar to the Eyefinity(ati cards).Is the set up possible??and if yes how do I go about the set up.I saw a few dual monitor set ups but did not like the look of it.If I went with more than 1, I would just do the 3.
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  1. I will answer myself.No,there is no driver update that will run more than 2 monitors,but a note to self-good thing you kept your Evga 295 Co Op.It can run 3 monitors.See, now everyone told me to sell it.I have 3 monitors going off of this card.Not as good as the Ati set up but hey it works and looks good.
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    They should release the drivers shortly for the Surround. I will be interested to see if you can utilize all 4 GPUs. Ati is limited to 2 at this point.
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