SSD vs HDD, which way to go !!

hi, i am building a new pc and already posted a topic inside the system builds. i got clear idea wat components to buy but now i am struck with confusion on which way to go for storage configuration. i was going to buy an OCZ 60Gb SSD for my win7 boot and a 1TB W.D Sata II but then i found out there is a W.D 1TB Sata III available in local shops so y not buy that instead of Sata II as it might gimme more speed for my video editing and other heavy applications. so now i am confused wat to do.

i will be buying Asus P6T and have to get it an Asus U3S6 add-on card if i plan for SATA III HDD.

OCZ SSD > 160$ from ebay with shipping to my country
W.D 1TB Sata II > 95$ in local shops
W.D 1TB Sata III > 120$ local
ASUS U3S6 > 50$ from ebay with shipping

now plz advise me wat to do. i am building my new pc for all around performance, mainly for HD Video Editing and heavy graphics work with some gaming included. so should i go for a 60Gb SSD with a 1Tb Sata II combination or should i buy 2x1Tb Sata III disks.

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  1. SATA III doesn't mean the drive is any faster. Mechanical hard drives are limited by the speed of their platters, not by the speed of their SATA connection. A SATA II SSD will be much, much faster than a SATA III hard drive.

    Go with the SSD + HDD combination if you're looking for fast boots and application load times.
  2. u mean there is no much difference btw 3gb/s and 6gb/s ?
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    The SATA connection is like a freeway. Older freeways have a speed limit of 3Gbit/sec, the latest ones have 6Gbit/sec. But a pokey hard drive that tops out at about 1.2Gbit/sec or so isn't going to go any faster on the newer freeway. It's like a bicycle - its top speed is only as good as the cyclist, not the speed limit - and no cyclist can keep up with freeway speeds.

    Not even most SSD's can't exceed 3Gbit/sec - only a few of the very fastest ones can. They're the only ones that be able to go as fast as they're able if they're on the new "freeway".
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  5. I would recommend the OCZSSD2-1ONX32G from centralcomputer.
    It works perfectly for me, try it.
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