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Well, im getting a new pc soon, my father's friend owns a dell dealership and can get me a dell xps630, nvidia 9800gt standard, and said he could get me a Q6600.
Thing is i dont know, should i wait and save my money for the next graphics cards? I can get a EVGA GTX285 SSC EDITION or should i wait? I also dont know if i should get a Intel Core Quad 9650 or wait, help is much appreciated
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  1. Just wait for DirectX 11 GPU like I am doing now. If you don't wait then you will be disappoint later, after 3-5 months, when DirectX 11 are due. Well, waiting should not hurt you, I suppose? You can future-proof yourself with DX 11 for at least another 3 years or until DirectX 12 is release perhaps in 2013. I am still building my rig since March 2008 and I still have the old Radeon 9600SE but I think that I will finish when DirectX 11 GPU comes out. Actually the Beta version of Windows 7 and Beta DirectX 11 were already released so I don't think that we are far away from DX 11 GPUs.
  2. You should always specify the fastest processor you can afford, it`s the heart of the system and saving money now could cause problems in the future as more games/proper software start to use those 4 cores fully.(GTA IV / FSX anyone?)

    Do n`t wait for DX 11, it`ll be at least a year from now before we see any titles supporting it and at least 2 before it starts to become common.
  3. Thanks, ill probably stick to my 6600 instead of a 9650, seeing as how after summer ill earn 700 bucks, i dont want to buy a 300 dollar 9550 when i can wait and buy a 700 dollar cpu. And ill probably get the GTX285 SSC Edition.
  4. Strange... Instead I heard about the roadmap of ATI and NVIDIA saying that DirectX 11 will be in around Q3 2009 and DirectX 11 GPU will be release somewhere in mid 2009 like early or late Q2 2009. DirectX 11 beta is already released with Windows 7 beta. :ouch:

    TSMC already began mass production of 40nm GPU for NVIDIA and ATI since November of 2008. ATI also already has 40nm GPUs and might make a trial run on RV740 and RV790 in Q1 2009 to respond to Geforce GTX 285 and Geforce GTX 295. :ouch:

    Microsoft also sent the technical view of DirectX 11 to Video card developers like ATI and NVIDIA! :ouch:

    DirectX 11 video card with 40nm GPUs can be release at any momment without warning so this is why I am saying that waiting for DX 11 video card with 40nm GPU might be better than buying now. There is still a high possibility that DirectX 11 video card with 40nm GPU could be release within 3-5 months! :ouch:
  5. Hmm a hard question to answer, and actually i'm also one that has to make this decision, I have narrowin' it down on which Directx 10 ATI card to get and finally when the decision was made, the news of DirectX 11 will be out in a few months, some say it will be out before Windows 7, and Windows 7 announced that it will start showing up around October 2009!

    So the question now is to wait for DirectX 11 or not. I guess it depends on you, if you already have a decent card, I guess there's no harm waiting for a few more months, while playin your games in low res, won't kill ya ;) Maybe you're using IGP and you can't actually enjoy any game other than Starcraft, you just can't wait, just go for any DirectX 10 or 10.1 now.

    People say that you don't have to wait because it will be a long time before any developer create games using DirectX 11, that could be true, but I think people don't usually decide what card to buy base on what DirectX it uses because DX11 will play DX10/10.1 games anyway, so what if you can't play DX11 game till a year or so later, go ahead, cry about it.

    With that said, I think my decision is to wait hmm I don't know if I can hold it that long, i still have my 7900GS :X haha; the one reason is future proof, previously it was rumored that DX11 will be out at the end of the year or maybe next year, I would have go for a DX10/10.1 card now, but now the rumors are 3-5 months later, I felt I will regret with that decision.

    In a few months later, people will buy the DX11 over the DX10, and for that reason, maybe the DX10 card will drop down in price, good for those who don't wanna break the bank. For the price I think it will probably be higher than the current DX10 ones, but there will be low, medium and high end cards to choose from, yea, so they will sell you a few bucks more expensive because it's DX11, which you can't enjoy till a year or so later, soo...?

    If you can wait, just wait, if not, don't wait :)
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