Should I use Skype and it's dedicated phone to call abroad?

Hello you all.

I live in Israel and the calling rates to abroad are not very high but I still have to pay something like 60$* per month (I talk a lot as you can see).

I think about using Skype and it's dedicated phone "General Electric GE21878" to call abroad.

This phone is a wireless phone which uses my Skype account to make the calls.

My first question is if this method worth buying the phone (In Israel costs 70$*) and getting the Skype credit for 14$* per month?

My second question is if it is safe? from the aspect of eavesdropping, and people connecting to my network through this phone system.

Thank you!

* According to the currency rates of May 30th 2009
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  1. Response anyone?
  2. It might be worth a try, depending on if your ISP does any throttling (which likely depends on if they offer their own VOIP service). Here in the Washington DC area, I have Comcast and they have their own dedicated VOIP servers, connected at a higher cable band than the standard ISP service, and according to some of the freebie VOIP quality tests that I have tried, Comcast does throttle or delay packets so that the resulting speech might be too choppy to be acceptable. I'm probably going to try it for a month anyway and see how it is, since my wife calls to Vietnam about $70 a month regularly :).
  3. I don't know if Skype has it's own VOIP servers, but I guess that a company like Skype should have servers of it's own.

    Another question that I didn't get an answer for yet, is if it is safe to use?

    And thank you fazers_on_stun.
  4. (Starting 21-sep-2009) It's possible to pay local rates to international destinations from Israel.

    You may call the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and many more and save up to 70% on international calls made from your cellular.

    Israel Communication News Team.

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  5. Thank you Ilcomm. I'd like to recommend a service that I recently heard about and exists in Israel (apparently for already 4 years), which lets the costumer call the exterior for a rate of a local call, plus 8.90$ a month.

    The service is very comfortable to use, and very cheap to.

    The company that gives this service is local 03, and you can also talk to Israel through it in low rates.

    Thank you for your help, and I hope I could help some of you.
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